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Thursday, May 13, 2021

 Our Beloved Vietnamese Woman Artist, Beky, Passed Away, Westminster - California

[Final farewell to our artist - Beky - by her family: Hai Duong (youngest daughter), Cung Ho (son), and Duc Thanh Ho ( Beky's husband at Peek Cemetery/Suoi Tien in Westminster, California]

My friend, Cung Ho, called me last night and told me that his mother, my favorite Vietnamese artist - Beky, just passed away. Certainly, I am saddened. We, Cung Ho and I, have been working together on his mom's project, and now she is no longer here to cheer for us. 

"Rest in Peace" - our talented Vietnamese artist, Mrs. Beky. You know that we dearly miss you. My condolences to Cung's family and please take good care of your dad, Mr. Ho Thanh Duc. I wish him the best. 

I don't know what else to say but mourning at this point, together with Cung's family.

May God Bless everyone.

[Dedicated talented artist - Beky, in the early 60s]

R.I.P ...Beky...We all miss you. 🙏😢


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Beky's Art Prints 4 Sale, Vietnam & USA

All these limited prints are in Chinese Black Ink on special textured paper. 18" X 24". [$120 USD each] & will be authenticated by the artist, Beky. Please check with


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

 Be Ky's Paintings (Cont.) - Vietnam

[Stubborn Buffalo] - Acrylic painting 24"x 36" - Be Ky 1982

[Market] - Lacquer painting 48"x 24"- Be Ky 1987

[School Girls] - Watercolor on silk 24"x 36" - Be Ky 1998

[ Dr. Tran Ngoc Ninh, M.D. and Mr. Frank Fry, Mayor of Westminster City (California) cut the red ribbon on Beky's 1998 Exhibition at the gallery of NGUOI VIET Daily News]


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 More of Be Ky's Arts - Vietnam

[Old Woman Beggar and Her Dog] - Lacquer 48"x 24" - Be Ky 1958

[Praying for Peace] - Watercolor on silk 24"x 36" - Be Ky 1998

[Running from Rain] - Chinese ink on rice paper 24"x 36" - Be Ky 1996

[School Girls] - Watercolor on silk 24"x 36"- Be Ky 1998

[Spring Garden] - Lacquer 24"x 36"- Be Ky 1985


Sunday, January 31, 2021

 Artist Ho Thanh Duc's Collage Works - Vietnam (Cont.)

[Lover, Sky, and Cloud] - Collage 32"x 48" - USA 1993

[Old Town Hoi An] - Collage 20"x 24" (Collection of Brian Doan)

[Sisters at Youth] - Mixed media 34"x 44" - USA 2001

[Stalactites] - Mixed media 34"x 44" - USA 2001

[Stalagmites] - Mixed media 38"x 46" - USA 2001


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

 More of Be Ky's Arts - Vietnam

[Mother Loves Son] - Watercolor on silk 24"x 36" - Be Ky 1998

[New Year Festival at Huong Temple] - Acrylic painting 36"x 36"- Be Ky 2002

[Nude] - Chinese ink on rice-paper 20"x 36" (Be Ky 1998)

[Old Couple] - Chinese Ink on rice-paper 24"x 36" (Be Ky 1998)

[Old Man] - Chinese Ink on rice-paper 24"x 36" (Be Ky 1998)


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