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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

 Phu Quoc City, Vietnam

Aerial views of Phu Quoc City

Phu Quoc is a wonderful place with a beautiful tsunami-safe beach, unlike in Thailand Phuket and adjacent ones or those of Indonesia... The worst tsunami that hit Phuket of Thailand in 2004 killed hundreds of thousands of people including tourists from Northern Europe, and you will never hear of a tsunami hitting Phu Quoc due to its unique location.

Because of ongoing developments as carefully planned with consideration of environment preservation and sustainability, Phu Quoc Island has become another major city, Phu Quoc City.

Some of the following are major projects in Phu Quoc City - with an initial total investment of 16.5 billion USD. This is huge considering an area that is not big.

In the Northern part of Phu Quoc, the Megaproject number one is the GrandWorld of VinGroup - consisting of shopping areas, entertainment, and hotels.

A bird-eye view at Grand World

The second Megaproject is VinWonders - the largest theme park of VinGroup in Phu Quoc.

VinWonders in the northern part of Phu Quoc

The third Megaproject is VinPearl Safari of Phu Quoc - an 800 acres zoo consisting of over 150 species of animals roaming around.

Kids feeding a giraffe at Giraffe Restaurant at VinPearl Safari

The Fourth Megaproject is The VinPearl Bai Vong Phu Quoc, and its architecture adopts Dubai's Palm configuration idea. It is approximately a 1,300 billion VND project.

The VinPearl Bai Vong

The fifth megaproject on the list would be the Marriage Proposal Bridge

The Marriage Proposal Bridge of Phu Quoc - Will it outshine the Golden Bridge of Bana Hills?



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