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Friday, February 26, 2021

 Binh Duong City - Among 21 Models of World Smart Community, Vietnam

[Binh Duong CityHall - built 2014]

On Feb. 25th, 2021 Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in New York City announced the names of 21 cities as the model of 'Smart City' for the world in 2021. Binh Duong City of Vietnam is one of them. This SmartCity has all 6 critical factors which support economic as well as social and cultural growth. Three factors that support its economic growth are Connect, Work, and Innovate. The other three factors that support its social and cultural growth are Engage, Include, and Sustain. Binh Duong among the winners is using information and communication technology to strive for prosperity, solve social problems, and enrich the quality of life for its residents. This is the third time that Binh Duong is nominated for being among the Smart cities of the world.

Daejeon of South Korea and Eindhoven of Netherlands has been the sister cities of Binh Duong since 2005 and 2015 respectively. The cooperation among these sister cities together with Binh Duong civic government, the Academia communities, and business communities help shape Binh Duong into where it is today.

It ranks third in getting FDI funds, just after Hanoi and HCMC. On Nov. 23rd, 2019, Binh Duong grand opened its first World Trade Center in its new city - the only one in Vietnam, supporting international trade businesses to turn Binh Duong into a dynamic area with professional and diversified services.

[Binh Duong is also known for being a 'green' city]


Thursday, February 25, 2021

 Hung Yen Province, Red River Delta Northern Vietnam

[The little 'Stork Island' in the middle of the lake in Hung Yen City]

Hung Yen is an ancient alluvial plain in the central region of the Red River Delta, bordering Hanoi.
It's the province of heritage and culture. Visitors can stroll around its countryside in a relaxing atmosphere with surrounding banyan trees, water wells, and temple yards. They can discover more than 1800 historical and cultural relics throughout this province. Year-round, visitors may experience traditional festivals taken place in Hung Yen because there are more than 400 of them going on at different times.

[Temple yards along the way with banyan trees]

Hung Yen is famous for its sweet juicy tiny-seed longan. Longan farms' trees start to fruit from April to May, and by the time they are harvested in August, each of them is about the size of your big toe. Longan is ripe when it has smooth skin and a softshell when slightly squeezed.

[Each about the size of one's big toe sold for 12,000 VND ( about a half US dollar) per kilo]

[Hung Yen Province - bordering Hanoi and Ha Nam to the West]


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

 Single Father's Confided Mood, Nam Dinh - Vietnam

Raising children alone is a relatively new "experience" for Vietnamese men. They are more struggling than women in this role and have not been recognized and helped by society.

When little Kun finished his introduction to family members, the teacher reminded him: "I missed your mother's name", the boy replied dryly: "I don't have a mother". The teacher has later learned that Minh Hung, 27 years old, is Kun's single father.

That evening, the young father just hugged Kun and patted on his back, and sometimes rubbed him all over as if he wanted to ease the hurt in his heart as much as he could. " I felt it's my fault that my wife left," said the man who got married at the age of 21.

Minh Hung dropped out of school when he was in the first year at Maritime University because of his family situation. His father died early, and his mother's income was not enough to support her three children. Hung returned to his hometown while learning a job by working in an aluminum and glass factory to earn some extra money. After a year of loving relationships with a girl from the same village, the two were married. His marriage fell apart after four years. Hung's wife "gave" the custody of his three-and-a-half-year-old son to her husband and left.

The first night away from his mother, Cu Kun cried without stopping. Not knowing how to comfort him, Hung hugged him and cried. During the first half-year after his divorce, Hung did not go to social media, communicate with anyone, except for work. "I was devastated. Someone comforted me, but there were also people who blame me," he said.

Since the day his wife left, Hung has had to deal with taking care of his child. His wife used to work close to home so she could take her child to school and fed him. The young father just worked at his job. Now, he has to worry about both, working on his job and making sure his son is fed and receiving proper schooling. Luckily, his boss - the factory owner - agrees to help him out. On weekends, Hung babysits his son.

Hung went online to find lullabies and practice singing. Every night Kun asked him to tell fairy tale stories. At first, he had to look at the phone and read from it. Tired at work,  Hung sometimes just wanted to fall asleep at work. At home, he still had to cook and bathe for his child.

One night the boy burst into tears. About drifting into sleep, Hung irritated. The boy scowled: "My stomach hurts so I pooped out of my pants." The father sat up and changed his diaper, rubbed the warm oil on his stomach, then help him sleep again. Gradually, Hung gets used to this kind of routine. "The most miserable time is that in winter, I can only get up for the winter," he said with a laugh.

Mr. Vu Truong, the administrator of a social networking forum for single parents, said: "Although hurtful or even harder when taking care of young children, men rarely go online to share their private life. Single women on the other hand receive counseling, psychological support, and job creation from associations and organizations, but for men, we just "drink beer by ourselves,  and give psychological support and encouragement for each other".

To all single fathers out there, I want to entertain you guys with this song - Ain't No Sunshine - written by Bill Withers and J.J.Johnson. 

Source: VNExpress.net


 2 Japanese Hotels (5 Star) in Hai Phong, Vietnam

[Two recently built Japanese 5* hotels - The Nikko and Roygent Park]

Nikko Hai Phong Hotel had its grand opening at the beginning of August 2020, managed and operated by international famous hotel chain Okura Nikko Hotels in the world. This is the first Japanese branded hotel and Japanese Omotenashi service style - "Serving from the heart" in Hai Phong city.

Nikko Hai Phong Hotel is located in a prime location in the most developing area of ​​Hai Phong city with easy access to industrial parks, Cat Bi international airport, and close to highway 5B Hai Phong - Hanoi. This is really an ideal location suitable for both business customers and leisure travelers. The location is also close to Vinhomes of Vin Marina and VinMec Hospital.

The construction project is in the urban area along the Lach Tray river, in an area of ​​10,344m2. The hotel is located right at the convenient traffic point of Vo Nguyen Giap road, the architectural design of the hotel minimizes direct sun exposure into the buildings.

The two buildings using the same podium and basement, where mainly technical infrastructure and service of the building are located. Each of these buildings is 20 floors high with 449 rooms and two basements.

With a modern design, delicate interior equipment along with elegant style, bar, and 2 restaurants, Hai Phong Nikko Hotel will surely bring customers a variety of bold imprint of quintessence options and Japanese culinary cuisine to serve and give its customers the best-staying experiences.

[Vinhomes of Vin Marina and Vin Mec nearby - on the opposite side of the hotels]

[An bird-eye view of the twin 5* hotels]

[Hai Phong City]


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

 Hai Duong Province, Red River Delta Northern Vietnam

[Hai Duong City - established in 1804. More than 200 years ago]

[Hai Duong is about 50km to Hai Phong and 59 km to Hanoi - right in between these 2 cities]

Established in 1804, Hai Duong City has its old original name - "Thanh Dong".  This city has been improved a lot since 2 decades ago.  Its economic growth has been up by 13 to 15% yearly since 2017. In 2018, the poverty in the city is below 2%. Civic leaders and the people of Hai Duong are working together to urbanize their city to achieve the "Class I" standard which consists of improving infrastructure and public facilities, such as street lights and clean streets. City leaders want it to become a "green city" with a clean environment for people to live and work. Hai Duong has its own eco-parks.

[Factories in Hai Duong]

[Agriculture in Hai Duong]

[Fisheries in Hai Duong]

[New properties in EcoRivers EcoPark for sales - Hai Duong]

[Ecoparks Hai Duong - 2 months ago, ongoing construction]


Sunday, February 21, 2021

 Son's Letter showing Gratitude and Gratefulness to his Parents, Vietnam.

This is the letter Nguyen Van Hieu sharing to his readers:

Thank you mom and dad for giving life and teaching good values and habits to help me confidently deal with the pressure later on in life.

I was fortunate to be born in a family of both parents taking very good care of me. From a young age, I was pampered because I was the only child in the family. To them, I deserve the best. During the years living with them, I was reliant on my parents. I hardly realize I need to help my parents more so that I can live independently in the future. I have not tried to work or study hard to have a good job later. I am thinking to myself how can I take care of my parents when they become old.

I saw an old man selling lottery tickets at a corner a few days ago. I bought a lottery ticket from him. I have heard his story as an older man, but he has no children by his side. When I think about it, I feel a bit of heartbreak and remember my parents. My father is in his forties.  Due to the stressful work, his hair has turned gray before its time. When I think about it, I feel too childish and guilty.

[Hieu's Parents]

With a son mentality, I rarely say affectionate words to my parents. Through VNExpress, I want to show them my gratitude and commitment towards a better future for myself so that I can help them better in the years to come. I feel motivated to succeed, trying to do well in school. After my graduation, I will have a stable job and take care of my parents. Source: VNExpress.net

I am borrowing your story from VNExpress.net to share a song, Cat's in the Cradle, written by Harry and Sandra Chapin in 1973.


Friday, February 19, 2021

Metro Line 1 Progress - [Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien] of HCMC - Vietnam

From pouring concrete for an underground Metro station to installing an electrical power system for the Metro 1 Line - Ben Thanh/Suoi Tien - The Japan-Vietnam team has been operating smoothly so far without any more delay. The team is divided into day and night shifts to ensure continuous operation, especially when pouring the concrete mix where at least 70 trucks of concrete mixers lined up to be ready for continuous concrete mix supply. The quality of the concrete mixture was checked before being used.

[Night time scene when trucks of concrete mixers are lined up to be ready - feeding the pipe-lines]

[Concrete mixture poured and leveled before being cured]

[Prepare to pour concrete mix for rail-bed]

[Concrete mix being poured into rebar slots of metro-rail]

Metro Line 1 [Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien] installation of power supply system starts today, Feb. 19, 2021 - marking the beginning of commissioning train operation. The objective is to connect power from two main stations - Binh Thai of Thu Duc City and Tan Cang of Binh Thanh District - to supply power to power stations of the entire Metro line.

The first installation is carried at Thu Duc Station to the Long Binh Depot where train repair and maintenance located. The project will be completed in 10 days then continued to follow the direction towards the city center.

[Metro Line 1 in relation to Thu Duc Station]


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