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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

 Vietnamese vs. Chinese

Quang Linh's Team is helping Angolan villagers to grow veggies

Even though Vietnamese and Chinese are neighbors and sharing similar cultures, but they are quite different - at least in terms of food, motive, and compassion.

Vietnamese food and the way Vietnamese people prepare them are healthier, have more veggies and herbs, and are less greasy than Chinese. In other words, Vietnamese food is tastier and better for your health. They are rich and have many varied dishes. Thanks to the cuisines from the three regions - North, Central, and South - delicious and very differently prepared.

Vietnamese government and military personnel are caring more about their people. Despite the two countries adopting the One Party system under Communist state, Vietnam practices it differently than its counterpart, China. One recent salient example is how each government behaves in dealing with COVID. CCP quarantined the entire city, everybody in that area whether infected or not - stay where they are. The military personnel even barricade and put locks on their citizens' doors, preventing them from escaping or going out. Whereas, Vietnam send Military personnel to HCMC to help out by delivering food and other necessities to their people who are ordered to stay inside their houses.

The ways and the intentions in dealing with other much poorer countries are different between the two. Although Vietnam is not as rich and as big as China, Its willingness to cooperate, helping out those countries if the situation permitted is genuine. If you watch "QuangLinhVlogs", you would see this young man and his Vietnamese team have done a lot for poor Angolan people. From digging wells for clean water, building classrooms or schools for those poor village children of Angola, to showing villagers how to grow green vegetables. When Vietnamese United Nations Peacekeepers are sent to South Sudan to keep peace in that country, they are performing their peace-keeping duties beyond what they are asked for. Those Vietnamese peace-keeping officers donate their time after hours to teach South Sudanese children and help the locals how to grow vegetables and making clothes. 

China is different as in the case of Costa Rica. To break the "ice", China sent at least two thousand of its workers to build a soccer stadium in Costa Rica for "free". One must know for a fact that when China is doing business with any country, it must gain more than losing. It's been setting up a "debt trap" by lending its money to other poorly developed countries around the world like Africa, exploiting resources, and destroying the environment for its own benefit. One of its recent victims is Sri Lanka.

These are just some examples of differences between Vietnamese and Chinese, correcting other foreigners' misconceptions about Vietnamese and Chinese as "one people".


Monday, August 30, 2021

 Mobile Vaccine Station - Made by THACO, HCMC - Vietnam

Trucks specially built for mobile vaccine stations by THACO.

Due to the rapid spread of COVID in the city and other areas, a program has been initiated by THACO - a Vietnamese Auto Corporation, to accelerate the speed of the COVID vaccination process. 

The company has negotiated with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan for its technology transfer so it can start to put forward its idea, customizing and building its own mobile vaccine stations. THACO  built 126 customized vaccine mobile trucks - 63 for moving vaccine supplies and 63 for moving around the country, provinces, cities, districts, wards, and villages to vaccinate Vietnamese residents.

What is special about these trucks? Well, they have an automatic wing-roof and are equipped with chairs, tables, and systems to store and keep vaccines in proper condition.

With stairs walking up to the vaccine station where there are tables and chairs.

These customized special trucks have been manufactured in Chu Lai, Vietnam - and will also be exported to neighboring Asian countries.


Saturday, August 28, 2021

 Just A Song Before I Go...To Get Vaccinated

Hi Folks: I want to give you "Just A Song Before I Go" to get vaccinated...By Graham Nash. Hang in there folks, Nanocovax is coming. I've heard this vaccine is much cheaper, more effective, and less side effects!


Friday, August 27, 2021

Human Rights Policy... A CCP's Opportunity

As being noticed, for the past couple of decades - America's Human Rights policy toward its "partner" countries has been an issue that CCP has successfully exploited and excelled in the international arena.

When high-ranking diplomats from the United States demand or impose its human rights issue on its potential partners, China has been seeing this as an opportunity. Some governments from countries of South America, Africa, the Middle East areas, and Asia were not so happy about this issue when they were criticized for their human rights records. Certainly, when given a choice to choose rich and capable business partners - for example between China and the United States - they will be likely to choose China to do business with.

From Myanmar, Cambodia, to Vietnam, American human rights policy does not seem to work. In fact, it is a hindrance for the US to establishing good relationships with these countries and forcing them into China's hands. China sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation where it can set out its 'debt trap' strategies to achieve its international dominance across the globe - the Silk Road.

If the United States and its Western allies continue this path of human rights, especially when America has its own domestic and racial problems which do not present it as a good role model in human rights, then other countries will not be convinced but irritated.

This is just an expression of my thought and comment. Have a wonderful day, everybody. 

May Peace and Wisdom prevail.


Sunday, August 15, 2021

 Have I Told You Lately?

Hi Folks: Have I Told You Lately? We're going to have the Nanocovax vaccine, finally. This effective and efficient vaccine is going to be a game-changer in the era of anti-COVID vaccine shortage for VN and those poor countries. To celebrate this occasion, I'm going to play, "Have I Told You Lately" by Van Morrison😁


Saturday, August 14, 2021

To Keep Production Steady, Companies Must..., HCMC - Vietnam

Nanogen Biopharmaceutical, HCMC - Vietnam

The way I see it - quarantine, isolation, and detection strategies are no longer effective this time when dealing with the COVID Delta variant

WHO - World Health Organization official in VN

Companies and factories will soon face exhaustion and fatigue due to not having enough workers to keep up production to meet the demands of customers inside and outside of Vietnam. To avoid losing customers, the companies' management team should order to buy as many doses of Nanocovax from Nanogen as possible and immediately start to immunize their employees.

Nanocovax - considered most potential Vietnamese anti-COVID vaccine of Nanogen Biopharm.

With this being said, these companies will be able to maintain a steady production from mid-September till the end of 2021 and after that. Thus, I strongly recommend the Prime Minister of Health to seriously consider this matter.  I believed skilled workers and factory employees are the first ones to be vaccinated, and the Nanocovax vaccine is economically feasible for companies' limited budgets since they seem effective, safe, and cheap.

The longer the companies wait, the more they will suffer. Every day passing by - without immunization - is another blow to the company's budget and the overall economy.


Monday, August 9, 2021

 We have to "Take It Easy", Better Thing Will Come

Hi Folks: With all these COVID variants around, I've got to "Take it easy"! Hope you all do the same.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Domestic COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritized, HCMC - Vietnam

[Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh, executes his directives]

Vietnam's Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh, is doing the right thing. His directive is to facilitate potential domestic COVID-19 vaccine, especially Nanocovax, production and be available for mass vaccination in the combat against widespread SarCoV2 in Vietnam.

Giving special priority to vaccines:

This is the request of the Prime Minister in the process of speeding up procedures for licensing, manufacturing, and developing a vaccine against COVID-19 in the country. The Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health, and relevant agencies to create favorable conditions and provide maximum support to the focal points of vaccine technology transfer, to develop specific standards, conditions, and criteria. , clearly, ensuring equality and transparency so that domestic vaccines are soon available for vaccination.

[Domestic COVID-19 vaccine, Nanocovax]

The Prime Minister also requested that in the current conditions, in the face of the urgency and present practical issues, the people's expectations must be dealt with at all ministries, and branches when implementing. The above task must strengthen inspection and supervision and resolutely fight against negativity, pessimism, and corruption. "We must put the interests of the people and the nation first,  setting the common interest above all," the Prime Minister said.

Depending on domestic COVID-19 vaccine production, I believe Vietnam will be able to get 70% of its population vaccinated before the end of 2021 if the process and vaccination program are carried out efficiently and effectively - even if having to send healthcare workers to people's houses and places to vaccinate them. In contrast to the AstraZeneca vaccine, most Vietnamese feel at ease with the domestic vaccine, Nanocovax. They are not reluctant to cooperate and be vaccinated with this domestic vaccine.

[The beginning of mass inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine program in Vietnam to achieve "herd immunity]


Saturday, July 17, 2021

 Try A "Peaceful Easy Feeling" in a COVID Pandemic, HCMC - Vietnam

Hello: The weekend is here with us again, and COVID anxiety is ubiquitous, especially in HCMC. Let's all have a "Peaceful Easy feeling" weekend, folks.

[Peaceful Easy Feeling] by Eagles


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Binh Phuoc Province, Southeast Region - Vietnam

[Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc Province at night]

Dong Xoai, the city of Binh Phuoc, is where my uncle died during the Vietnam War. It is a beautiful city even though it has not been developed as fast compared with its sister province, Binh Duong. It has its unique charm as you discovering its places during your tour in this area.

Above is the Thac Mo Hydropower plant during the dry season. This is the 75 Mega Watts hydropower plant which was commissioned by General Electric Renewable Energy in October 2017. 

Above is the cable ride to Ba Ra Mountain. History is everywhere in Vietnam, and this place is one of them. Because, especially at that time, Ba Ra Mountain was a remote place, the French colonialists had built prisons to confide Vietnamese revolutionaries. It was also a place in the resistance war against American Empire.

Above is the rubber plantation in Binh Phuoc. In 2019, Chinese businessmen had flocked to the Central Highlands to buy and collect rubberwood and control the majority of rubberwood market share, about 80% of the market.

[Binh Phuoc province, the Central Highlands]


Thursday, July 8, 2021

 Vietnam's Chance to Leap & Lead.

In the era of Industry 4.0, Vietnam has a chance to catch up and be equal to other rich and developed countries in two areas - Smart electric vehicles and vaccines protecting humans against COVID-19 and other lethal pandemics.

It is a level playing field for everyone with respect to research and producing smart electric vehicles based on battery technology and Artificial intelligence. VinFast of Vingroup realizes this level playing field opportunity and determines to succeed in producing smart electric vehicles to be used domestically, and later sold internationally.

[One of upcoming VinFast's smart electric cars - VF e36 - SUV Class E]

[Interior of VF e36]

These three initial smart electric vehicles - VF e34, VF e35, and VF e36 - are in the process of being rolled out this year and next year. Ex-Google Deep Mind Researcher, Bui Hung, is leading the VinAi of VinGroup to research and apply and assimilate Ai to VinFast vehicles. If VinFast can master self-driving vehicles on Vietnam city's streets, it can do it anywhere in the world.

VinFast has come up with innovative marketing and bested its customer service to improve sales of its smart electric vehicles. The salient feature of this boost is battery rental service with the first year is free. Subsequent battery exchange will ensure customers will constantly have a good supply of quality batteries that they can use for their VinFast electric vehicles. Expenses on using these batteries will be equivalent to those gas-running vehicles.

Another level playing field is in the area of biotechnology. Fortunately, Vietnam has been involved and doing research in the field of biotechnology for a while to produce vaccines and other biological agents to treat cancer and others like blood disorders. Because of COVID-19, Vietnam biotechnology companies like Nanogen have the experience and the knowledge gained through the years to produce vaccines against COVID-19 and other vaccines to deal with future viral diseases.

[Vietnam's Biotech Company - Nanogen - the maker of NanoCovax]

[Nanogen's Research and Production Facilities producing Nanocovax]

Nanogen is testing its Nanocovax in Phase III with 13,000 volunteers this time. The test has already started in the first week of July 2021. Phase I and Phase II were involved with testing Nanocovax on a few people, and the results are very positive and encouraging. All the people tested in Phase I and II have had antibodies...

Vietnam Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh, has listened and taken the request of the Nanogen CEO seriously. The Minister agrees to streamline and cut other "red tape" factors that are hindering the progress and production of this promising Nanocovax. Hopefully, this vaccine will be massed produced in large quantities and be used to innoculate up to 70% of Vietnam's population in order to achieve "herd immunity".  If this happens, Vietnam is back in business - opening doors to the world and doing business as usual. It will be good for the country's economy.

Vietnam can also export its Nanocovax to other countries and license it to other countries and guiding them on how to produce their own Nanocovax and use them to innoculate their own people. Nanocovax has the lowest cost when compared to other pre-existing vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna. Even lower when it is compared to J&J or Astrazenica vaccines.

Relating to using nanotech in Biological applications, Vietnam has successfully produced Wakamono masks that can be used to help protect humans from any kind of viruses. The masks are viricidal and bacteria-cidal after 30 seconds of coming in contact. This 'membrane' material called "Gecide" can be used to create protective clothing for healthcare providers in the battle against any kind of pandemic such as SarcoV-2. The N-95 masks are not as effective as the Wakamono masks because they do not kill viruses. Furthermore, viruses with sizes as small as 0.05 to 0.2 nm can get through the N-95.

[Vietnam's NanoTechnology company - Wakamono]

[Wakamono's facility producing Wakamono masks for protection against all viruses - both enveloped and non-enveloped types of viruses]

If successful in these two areas - Electric Vehicles and NanoTech in Biological application, Vietnam will definitely be one of Asia's rising powers in particular, and one of the world's rising powers in general.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

 Entertainment for the Day - "Angie" by the Rolling Stones.

This song is written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 1972 and released in 1973 - A few years before the Vietnam War was ended. I hope you will enjoy this "little" mellow melody.


Sunday, July 4, 2021

Vietnam - Most Effective and Responsible Member of UN!

Vietnam, though being a member of the United Nation not so long ago, has been among the most responsible and effective UN citizens - for a country not that big and not that rich.

I believe Vietnam deserves this recognition because of two reasons:

First, it knows what war is all about, and it values PEACE. Throughout its painful history of conflict with foreign powers, Vietnam has experienced the loss and the pain of any country on the face of this Earth. Peace is not a simple saying of it, but one must understand and experience it dearly - like Vietnam.  Thus, its voice about "Peace" should be sincerely listened to and taken seriously by all members of the United Nation. 

Second, its successful contributions to the betterment of the lives in countries of the African continent have helped Africans understand and appreciate their independence - the ability to help themselves without constantly depending on total assistance from rich countries like before. There are two factors that Vietnam has done it differently from its previous predecessors - the rich and well-developed countries like Japan and The West - which have either given up or continued to pump aids and other financial assistance into this continent while war, famine, and diseases still wreaking havoc on this land.

Let me analyze Vietnam's approach to helping the African continent. Viettel, major Vietnam's telecommunication - digital application company, has set up its telecommunication system to help East African poor rural areas connect with the outside world. Viettel has made every African there has an opportunity to afford a smartphone and to be able to communicate and help his or her own small business and communicate with his or her loved ones far away. Before Viettel, only major cities and well-off families can afford smartphones and have their kids attend schools with computers and the internet. But now, every kid in the poor and the rural areas have equal access to the internet to enrich their education. The villagers are very happy to see their Vietnamese company doing business here.

[One of the villages in Mozambique]

[Setup and install thousand of miles underground telecab.]

[One of Viettel's Broadcast stations in Mozambique]

Viettel understands business comes with social responsibility. It has been working with its African counterparts to bring internet to schools in rural areas and help build digital surveillance for security reasons like streets traffic for law enforcement like police and train government military forces how to use telecom. pieces of equipment effectively. I believe that access to the internet is very important for African people to learn and catch up with the outside world, giving them an opportunity to create their own jobs and make a living - e-commerce is one of the salient examples. At least now that even the poor and their children can have a chance to participate in the "digital" economy. My thanks to Viettel for its vision that brings effective internet to every corner of East African countries with the thousands of its broadcast stations in this vast of lands!

War and conflict have been going on in these vast African continents over years. Vietnam has sent its peace and medical officers to the South of Sudan to help with the "Peace" mission for the United Nations. Unlike other United Nations peacekeepers, the Vietnam Peacekeeping group has been well-received by factions of South Sudan. They respect and trust the Vietnamese peace-keep forces for they know Vietnam has experienced and understood the pain of war and the pain of being taken advantaged of. Vietnam Peace-keeping officers have sincerely done more and beyond their duties to help the South Sudanese people. They help the locals farming and growing their own vegetables, provide medical care not only to members of peace-keepers but also to the locals there. Some Vietnamese peace-keeping officers even find time to teach the children and going out to get to know the people. No wonder, every time the locals see their Vietnamese 'friends' coming, they smile and wave the Vietnamese flags.

Vietnam has also sent a group of experts in rice farming to Africa to help the people there cultivate and grow rice and vegetables. Vietnam also provides the necessary seeds for the germination process. Other countries, like Japan, had tried to help in agriculture farming before, but they gave up - probably due to the harsh land and other unfavorable conditions. Vietnam's approach to the rice farming problem in these African countries this time is not only different but innovative. The experts have lived with the local farmers and working together with them until they understand and become confident with the methods of how to do this effectively and successfully. The effort of living and working together - hand-on-experience finally works!

[Lands of Africa]

[Angolians cultivating their land to grow vegetables]

[Vietnamese agricutural expert, Prof. Vo Tung Xuan and his group in Africa]

[Vietnamese farmer working and living together with the locals]

In summary, the way Vietnam helps Africa makes me think of the proverb " Don't give them the fish but give them the fishing pole". This is a wise way to help someone. The needed country will thrive once it can stand on its own feet, walk, then run - instead of being blamed for corruption because of "what happened to all the money I gave you?"


Saturday, June 26, 2021

This Weekend Entertainment, Vietnam

Here I come again. You all great songwriters. I hereby play one of "Your Song" for the weekend entertainment.😀
Have a good one everybody.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

 VinFast's Opportunity in the E-car market, Hanoi - Vietnam

[VF e36 - SUV E-class]

This is a level playing field for every participant - the old as well as the newcomers. It's about the production of electric vehicles. VinFast has been keen on this ongoing market, and it anticipates a lot of potential for e-vehicles in the future.

[VF e-series interior]

To be successful, VinFast aims to have its smart e-vehicles replace fossil-fueled run ones - not other e-vehicles. It focuses on three main areas - supply of "super" chips such as those from NVIDIA, improvement of AI, and steadily improved battery production. In addition, VinFast comes up with its own innovative marketing to help its customers at ease with the cost and convenience of their battery power-driving vehicles.

[VinFast e-vehicle charging stations]


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Update on NanoCovax - Vietnam's Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine, HCMC - Vietnam

[Nanocovax - anti-Covid-19 vaccine of Nanogen of HCMC]

Mr. Ho Nhan, CEO of Nanogen Biopharmaceutical headquartered in HCMC, sent an urgent letter to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Pham Minh Chinh, last week. He realizes Vietnam badly needs the anti-COVID vaccine to provide "herd immunity" for the people of Vietnam so that the country can reopen the economic door, getting people back to their maximal productive mode. Other countries' technical personnel and companies need to get in Vietnam and start their normal necessary businesses.

Sputnik V of Russia did not have to go through phase III but has already been distributed to countries all over the world to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now, this vaccine - among a couple of others - has been shipped to other countries to be used. 

Why the Vietnamese government is still asking other countries for protocol on how to produce the COVID-19 vaccine? Don't they believe in its own home-grown anti-COVID-19 vaccine, Nanocovax, produced by one of its companies in Vietnam? Why does it have to delay this urgent treatment for its badly affected population who have to face quarantine and tracing procedures? Would it be better to do both? 

Let's turn on the "green light" for Nanogen so they can start to mass-produce the Nanocovax to vaccinate the Vietnamese population. There is no need for any longer delay.

"VIETNAM CỐ LÊN". Don't let us down.


Sunday, June 20, 2021

 Where is the Gold? Vietnam

Suddenly I feel "the ecstasy of gold" for your weekend entertainment, folks.
I am still looking for the 15 tons of gold that have been gone missing since the end of the VN war.

[The Ecstacy of Gold - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly]

I've got a feelin' they are somewhere buried here. Well, If I can't find them, I might as well play them. Here is the '1972' Neil Young, Heart of Gold...


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